Responsive Web Design

It is important, now more than ever, that a website be responsive. This makes for a better user experience and improves your SEO. Responsive means several things. Most importantly, the site will scale to fit the device you are viewing it on in a way that remains aligned and attractive. A responsive site also responds seamlessly on all mobile devices. The design will remain simple to use in all viewing formats and will raise your scoring with Google. The improved SEO can help drive traffic to the site.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design means a unique website developed for your unique goals and character. There are no template based development strategies with custom work. The design is developed in a collaborative effort between your team and you. This type of development can cost a little more and take more time. When considering this form of development, it is important to look at budget as well as timeframe. More complex designs and features fall under custom work.

Template Based Design

Template based designs are predesigned resources that have the structure and layout already developed. The site fields are updated to reflect your needs and goals. This design has a quicker turnaround time at a smaller budget. These sites are perfect for portfolio or profile designs. They present information in a straightforward and simplistic manner. A crafting site or online college portfolio are examples of a perfect fit.


Simply put, an e-commerce website is one that accepts payments for goods and services. This type of site facilitates payment through the transfer of information and funds over the internet. An E-Commerce site demands more security as well as complex features and compliance. The site generally requires automation and reporting monthly on activities.

Web Hosting Domain Name & Email

There are many aspects of owning a website that can be confusing. I have this site now how do I get it online? I want a site with a specific web address. How do I get it? I need an email address that reflects my business name. Where do I start? Rift Web Design makes these answers easy to find. We can handle your web hosting, domain acquisition, and provide an email address that reflects your goal. Any or all of these are a handshake away. We will develop your site, acquire the web address, and get you live within the agreed upon timeline.

Let's Get Building!

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